Zimbabwe Swift Codes (BIC Codes)

Bank Name Postal Code City Swift
Ih Securities (Private) Limited - Harare SEEVZWH1XXX
Empowerbank Limited 0263 Harare EMPWZWHXXXX
Southern Trust Securities - Harare SOTIZWH1XXX
Chengetedzai Depository Company - Harare CHDYZWH1XXX
National Building Society - Harare NABYZWHAXXX
Platinum Securities - Harare PLSUZWH1XXX
Invictus Securities - Harare IVEUZWH1XXX
Lynton-Edwards Stockbrokers - Harare LYSOZWH1XXX
Fbc Securities (Private) Limited - Harare FBSRZWH1XXX
Getbucks Financial Services Pvtltd 00263 Harare GBSPZWHAXXX
Edwards Nominees (Private) Limited - Harare EDNPZWH1XXX
Bethel Equities - Harare BEEQZWH1XXX
African Century Limited - Harare AFCNZWHAXXX
Success Microfinance Bank Limited - Harare SMFBZWHAXXX
Edwards And Company - Harare EDCPZWH1XXX
Lion Microfinance Limited - Harare LMLDZWHAXXX
Central Africa Building Society - Harare CABSZWHAXXX
Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe Limited - Harare SCBLZWHXXXX
Scotfin Limited - Chinhoyi SCLIZWH102C
Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Limited - Harare SBICZWHXXXX
Infrastructure Development Bank Of Zimbabwe Ed - Harare ZDBLZWHAXXX
Zimbabwe Banking Corporation Ltd. - Harare ZBCOZWHXXXX
British American Tobacco Zimbabwe (Holdings) Ltd - Harare BATSZWH1XXX
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange - Harare XZIMZWH1XXX
Tetrad Investment Bank Limited 263 Harare TTSLZWHXXXX
Genesis Securities - Harare USPTZWH1XXX
The Tetrad Group - Harare TEGRZWH1XXX
Trust Corporate Securities (Private) Limited - Harare TCSPZWH1XXX
Steward Bank Limited - Harare STBLZWHXXXX
Scotfin Limited - Harare SCLIZWH1XXX
Scotfin Limited - Mutare SCLIZWH102M
Scotfin Limited - Bulawayo SCLIZWH102B
Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe Limited - Harare SCBLZWHXSSU
Scotfin Limited - Gweru SCLIZWH102G
Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe - Harare REBZZWHXXXX
Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe - Harare REBZZWHQXXX
Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe - Harare REBZZWHXPCH
Premier Banking Corporation Ltd. - Harare PRDHZWH1XXX
Nmb Bank Limited - Harare NMBLZWHXXXX
Nmb Bank Limited - Bulawayo NMBLZWHXBYO
P.T.A. Clearing House - Harare PTAHZWH1XXX
Mast Stockbrokers (Pvt) Ltd - Harare MSTPZWH1XXX
Nedbank Zimbabwe Limited - Harare MBCAZWHXXXX
Metbank Limited - Harare MBOZZWHAXXX
Intermarket Discount House - Harare INDHZWH1XXX
Msasa Stockbrokers (Pvt) Ltd - Harare MSSTZWH1XXX
People'S Own Savings Bank 263 Harare PWSBZWHXXXX
Industrial Development Corporation Of Zimbabwe Limited - Harare IDCZZWH1XXX
Efe Securities (Private) Limited - Harare EFSRZWH1XXX
Cfx Merchant Bank Limited - Harare CFXBZWH1XXX
African Banking Corp.Of Zimbabwe Ltd. - Harare FMBZZWHXXXX
Ecobank Zimbabwe Limited - Harare ECOCZWHXXXX
The Discount Company Of Zimbabwe Limited - Harare DCZWZWH1XXX
Comesa Clearing House - Harare COCUZWHAXXX
Cbz Bank Limited - Harare COBZZWHAXXX
Renaissance Securities (Private) Limited - Harare BSPVZWH1XXX
Fbc Bank Ltd - Harare FBCPZWHAXXX
Beverley Building Society - Harare BVBSZWH1XXX
Bard Stockbrokers - Harare BSTKZWH1XXX
Bard Discount House Limited - Harare BDHLZWH1XXX
Barclays Bank Of Zimbabwe Limited - Harare BARCZWHXXXX
Agricultural Bank Of Zimbabwe Ltd - Harare AGRZZWHAXXX
Zimbabwe Banking Corporation Ltd. - Bulawayo ZBCOZWHXBYO
Sagit Stockbrokers (Private) Limited - Harare SAGSZWH1XXX
Bank Name Postal Code City Swift