Georgia Swift Codes (BIC Codes)

Bank Name Postal Code City Swift
Jsc Caucasus Trust Bankers - Poti CTRBGE22XXX
Saint George Bankers And Trust Llc 0100 Tbilisi SGTLGE21XXX
Jsc Terabank 0162 Tbilisi TEBAGE22XXX
Llc Mfo Imperial Credit 0194 Tbilisi LMIRGE21XXX
Georgian Investment Group 0162 Tbilisi GEIGGE21XXX
International Financial Services Ltd 0196 Tbilisi ITFVGE21XXX
Jsc Credo Bank - Tbilisi JSCRGE22XXX
Bsdbank 384900 Sukhum BSDAGE21XXX
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 0112 Tbilisi UGEBGE22665
Tbc Bank 1200 Borjomi TBCBGE22762
Jsc Bank Of Georgia 0160 Tbilisi BAGAGE22XXX
Tbc Bank 0102 Tbilisi TBCBGE22XXX
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 0160 Tbilisi UGEBGE22670
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 0108 Tbilisi UGEBGE22666
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 0108 Tbilisi UGEBGE22687
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' - Tbilisi UGEBGE22XXX
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 6000 Batumi UGEBGE22655
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 0107 Tbilisi UGEBGE22668
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 3000 Marneuli UGEBGE22639
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 1500 Gurjaani UGEBGE22624
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 2200 Telavi UGEBGE22629
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 1300 Gardabani UGEBGE22622
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 0800 Akhaltsikhe UGEBGE22617
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' - Tbilisi UGEBGE22615
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 3500 Ozurgeti UGEBGE22643
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 3700 Rustavi UGEBGE22607
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 4600 Kutaisi UGEBGE22605
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 0108 Tbilisi UGEBGE22604
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 2100 Zugdidi UGEBGE22603
Tbc Bank 4400 Poti TBCBGE22937
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 4400 Poti UGEBGE22606
Tbc Bank 4600 Kutaisi TBCBGE22888
Tbc Bank 0102 Tbilisi TBCBGE22850
Jsc 'Vtb Bank Georgia' 1400 Gori UGEBGE22602
Jsc Ziraat Bank Georgia 0105 Tbilisi TCZBGE22XXX
Tbc Bank 3700 Rustavi TBCBGE22844
Tbc Bank 0179 Tbilisi TBCBGE22830
Tbc Bank 0119 Tbilisi TBCBGE22836
Tbc Bank 0101 Tbilisi TBCBGE22820
Tbc Bank 6000 Batumi TBCBGE22835
Russian-Georgian Bank Of Reconstruction And Development 380010 Tbilisi RGBRGE21XXX
Tbc Bank 0160 Tbilisi TBCBGE22838
Jsc Pasha Bank Georgia 0108 Tbilisi PAHAGE22XXX
Procredit Bank, Georgia 0112 Tbilisi MIBGGE22XXX
Jsc Isbank Georgia 0102 Tbilisi ISBKGE22XXX
Galt And Taggart (Jsc) Securities - Tbilisi GTJSGE21XXX
Tbc Bank 0105 Tbilisi TBCBGE22821
Jsc 'Liberty Bank' 0162 Tbilisi LBRTGE22XXX
Finca Bank Georgia Jsc 0186 Tbilisi FGEOGE22XXX
Jsc 'Cartu Bank' 380062 Tbilisi CRTUGE22XXX
Basisbank, Jsc 0103 Tbilisi CBASGE22XXX
Silk Road Bank Jsc 0102 Tbilisi DISNGE22XXX
National Bank Of Georgia 0114 Tbilisi BNLNGE22XXX
Jsc 'Cartu Bank' 4600 Kutaisi CRTUGE22087
British American Tobacco Georgia Limited 0186 Tbilisi BATSGE21XXX
Jsc 'Cartu Bank' 0105 Tbilisi CRTUGE22086
Jsc Bank Of Georgia 0160 Tbilisi BAGAGE22CUS
Jsc Bank Of Georgia 0102 Tbilisi BAGAGE22GTS
Jsc 'Cartu Bank' 6000 Batumi CRTUGE22092
Halyk Bank Georgia Jsc 0194 Tbilisi HABGGE22XXX
Tbc Bank 2200 Telavi TBCBGE22824
Treasury Service Ministry Of Finance Of Georgia 0114 Tbilisi TSMFGE22XXX
Tbc Bank 0179 Tbilisi TBCBGE22818
Bank Name Postal Code City Swift