Swift Codes for banks in Minsk, Belarus

Bank Name Postal Code City Swift
Joint Stock Company 'Technobank' 220002 Minsk TECNBY22XXX
Trade And Industrial Bank S.A. 220141 Minsk TRIUBY21XXX
Idea Bank 220034 Minsk SOMABY22XXX
Republican Unitary Enterprise 'Republican Central Securities Depository' 220004 Minsk RCSDBY22XXX
Cjsc Trade Capital Bank 220035 Minsk BBTKBY21XXX
Reshenie Bank 220035 Minsk RSHNBY2XXXX
Jsc Bsb Bank 220004 Minsk UNBSBY2XXXX
Zepter Bank 220034 Minsk ZEPTBY2XXXX
Cjsc Vtb Bank (Belarus) 220007 Minsk SLANBY22XXX
Open Joint-Stock Company 'Paritetbank', Minsk 220002 Minsk POISBY2XXXX
Republican Unitary Enterprise 'Republican Central Ecurities Depository' 220004 Minsk RUERBY21XXX
Reconversion And Development Bank Jsb 220034 Minsk REDJBY22XXX
Severny Investicionny Bank 220005 Minsk SEVNBY21XXX
Priorbank - Minsk PJCBBY2XMNK
Priorbank 220002 Minsk PJCBBY2XXXX
Belorussian-Russian Belgazprombank Joint Stock 220121 Minsk OLMPBY2XXXX
Belorussian-Russian Belgazprombank Joint Stock 220040 Minsk OLMPBY21180
Minsk Transit Bank 220007 Minsk MTBKBY22XXX
Belorussian-Russian Belgazprombank 220048 Minsk OLMPBY21107
Belorussian-Russian Belgazprombank Joint Stock 220007 Minsk OLMPBY21130
National Bank Of Republic Belarus 220008 Minsk NBRBBY2XXXX
'Bank Moscow-Minsk' Jsc 220002 Minsk MMBNBY22XXX
Statusbank 220006 Minsk IRJSBY22XXX
Fransabank Ojsc 220012 Minsk GTBNBY22XXX
Bps-Sberbank 220005 Minsk BPSBBY2XXXX
Belinvestbank Jsc 220002 Minsk BLBBBY2XXXX
Belarusky Narodny Bank 220012 Minsk BLNBBY2XXXX
Belinvestbank Jsc - Minsk BLBBBY2XCBD
Belinvestbank Jsc - Minsk BLBBBY2XMRD
Belinvestbank Jsc 220002 Minsk BLBBBY21739
Bank Belveb Ojsc 220004 Minsk BELBBY2XXXX
Bank Belveb Ojsc 220079 Minsk BELBBY21251
Bank Belveb Ojsc 220004 Minsk BELBBY21728
Bank Belveb Ojsc 220101 Minsk BELBBY21220
Bank Belveb Ojsc 220024 Minsk BELBBY21217
Bank Belveb Ojsc 220013 Minsk BELBBY21215
Bank Belveb Ojsc 220040 Minsk BELBBY21209
Alfa-Bank 220013 Minsk ALFABY2XXXX
Belarusian Currency And Stock Exchange 220013 Minsk BCSXBY22XXX
Belarusbank 220089 Minsk AKBBBY2XXXX
Belarusbank - Minsk AKBBBY21614
'Belagroprombank' Jsc 220036 Minsk BAPBBY2XXXX
Belarusbank - Minsk AKBBBY21500
Absolutbank, Joint-Stock Company 220023 Minsk ABLTBY22XXX
Absolutbank, Joint-Stock Company 220073 Minsk ABLTBY22240
Bta Bank Cjsc 220123 Minsk AEBKBY2XXXX
Belarusbank - Minsk AKBBBY21514
Joint-Stock Company 'Development Bank Of The Republic Of Belarus' 220002 Minsk BRRBBY2XXXX
Bank Name Postal Code City Swift