Oener Menkul De Erler As in Istanbul

Swift Code ONMGTRI1XXX is an unique bank identifier for Oener Menkul De Erler As. The bank is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The codes can sometimes be found on account statements. ONMGTRI1XXX is used when transferring money between banks, particularly for the exchange of other messages between banks, and also for international wire transfers.

The SWIFT code is 11 characters, made up of: ONMG is business party prefix (institution code or bank code), TR is country code, I1 is business party suffix (location code) and XXX is branch identifier(branch code), 'XXX' means it is a primary office.

Turkey International Bank, SWIFT Code Information in Istanbul
Bank Name Oener Menkul De Erler As
Bank Code(Business party prefix) ONMG
City Istanbul
Country Code TR
Country Turkey
Location Code(Business party suffix) I1
Branch Primary Office
Branch Code(Branch identifier) XXX
Address Isik Apt 249/1 Cumhuriyet Cad Harbiye
Connecton Active