Swift Codes for banks in Accra, Ghana

Bank Name Postal Code City Swift
Volta River Authority - Accra VRATGHA1XXX
Sic Brokerage Limited - Accra SICGGHA1XXX
Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited - Accra SVBGGHACXXX
Ic Securities (Gh) Limited - Accra ICGHGHA1XXX
Chapel Hill Denham Securities (Gh) Limited - Accra CHNCGHA1XXX
Omnibank Ghana Limited KN 5567 Accra OMBLGHACXXX
Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited - Accra UBGHGHACXXX
Nthc Limited - Accra NTHCGHA1XXX
Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited - Accra TBGBGHACXXX
Ghl Bank Ltd 233 Accra GHLLGHACXXX
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited - Accra SCBLGHACSSU
Sabmiller Ghana - Accra SABMGHA1VGL
Sabmiller Ghana - Accra SABMGHA1ABL
Sabmiller Ghana - Accra SABMGHA1XXX
African Alliance Securities Ltd - Accra AFASGHA1XXX
Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Ltd - Accra GTBIGHACXXX
First National Bank Ghana Limited - Accra FIRNGHACXXX
Ecobank Ghana - Accra ECOCGHACXXX
Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited - Accra ZEBLGHACXXX
Ghana Stock Exchange - Accra XGHAGHA1XXX
Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited (Formerly The Royal Bank) - Accra TRBGGHACXXX
Sterling Securities Limited - Accra STSIGHA1XXX
Ebg Stockbrokers Ltd. - Accra STORGHA1XXX
Social Security And National Insurance Trust - Accra SSNTGHACXXX
Societe Generale Ghana Limited - Accra SSEBGHACXXX
United Bank For Africa (Ghana) Ltd PM 29 MIN Accra STBGGHACXXX
Sdc Brokerage Services Limited - Accra SDBRGHA1XXX
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited - Accra SCBLGHACXXX
Prudential Bank Limited - Accra PUBKGHACXXX
Premium Bank Ghana Limited - Accra PMEBGHACXXX
Strategic African Securities Limited - Accra SARSGHA1XXX
New World Renaissance Securities Ltd - Accra NWIVGHA1XXX
Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited - Accra SBICGHACXXX
National Investment Bank - Accra NIBGGHACXXX
Merban Stockbrokers Limited - Accra MSTCGHA1XXX
Magnate Financial Services Ghana Limited - Accra MFSHGHA1XXX
Heritage Bank Limited - Accra HRTGGHACXXX
Universal Merchant Bank Limited AR Accra MBGHGHACXXX
Republic Bank (Ghana) Ltd - Accra HFCAGHACXXX
Republic Bank (Ghana) Ltd - Accra HFCAGHACCSD
Bank For Housing And Construction - Accra HCONGHA1XXX
Fbnbank Ghana Limited 233 Accra INCEGHACXXX
Bank For Housing And Construction - Accra HCONGHA10A2
Gold Coast Securities - Accra GOCEGHA1XXX
Gn Bank Limited GP17187 Accra GNBGGHACXXX
Ghana Revenue Authority GAR Accra GHRAGHACXXX
Gcb Bank Limited - Accra GHCBGHACXXX
Fidelity Bank Limited PMB CT43 Accra FBLIGHACXXX
First Atlantic Bank Limited - Accra FAMCGHACXXX
Energy Bank Ghana Limited - Accra ENRBGHACXXX
First Atlantic Brokers Limited - Accra FABRGHA1XXX
Dynast Premier Bank Limited - Accra DNPRGHA1XXX
Databank Brokerage Limited - Accra DABRGHA1XXX
Controller And Accountant-General'S Department M79 Accra CODGGHACXXX
Citizens Investment Bank - Accra CIINGHA1XXX
Ecobank Ghana - Accra ECOCGHACCUS
Cdh Securities Ltd - Accra CDHSGHA1XXX
Cal Brokers Limited - Accra CABRGHA1XXX
Barclays Bank Of Ghana Ltd. - Accra BARCGHACXXX
Barclays Bank Of Ghana Ltd. - Accra BARCGHACOBU
Bsic Ghana Ltd - Accra BSAHGHACXXX
Bank Of Baroda (Ghana) Limited - Accra BARBGHACXXX
Bank Of Ghana 2674 Accra BAGHGHA5XXX
Bank Of Ghana - Accra BAGHGHA4XXX
Bank Of Ghana - Accra BAGHGHACXXX
Agricultural Development Bank - Accra ADNTGHACXXX
Bank Of Africa - Ghana Limited - Accra AMMAGHACXXX
Arb Apex Bank Limited 20321 Accra AREXGHACXXX
Cal Bank Limited - Accra ACCCGHACXXX
Cal Bank Limited - Accra ACCCGHACCBS
Access Bank (Ghana) Limited - Accra ABNGGHACXXX
Bank Name Postal Code City Swift