Liberia Swift Codes (BIC Codes)

Bank Name Postal Code City Swift
International Bank (Liberia) Limited - Monrovia IBLRLRLMXXX
West Bank4U 1000 Monrovia WETTLRL1XXX
National Bank Of Liberia - Monrovia NBLILRL1XXX
Liberian Trading And Development Bank, The - Monrovia TLTRLRL1XXX
United Bank For Africa (Liberia) Limited - Monrovia UNAFLRLMXXX
Meridien Biao Bank Liberia Ltd - Monrovia LIMELRL1XXX
Liberian Bank For Development And Investment, The - Monrovia LBDELRLMXXX
Guaranty Trust Bank (Liberia) Limited - Monrovia GTBILRLMXXX
Citibank N.A. - Monrovia CITILRL1XXX
Ecobank Liberia Limited 4825 Monrovia ECOCLRLMXXX
Central Bank Of Liberia - Monrovia CBLRLRLMXXX
Afriland First Bank Liberia Limited 1935 Monrovia CCEILRLMXXX
Central Bank Of Liberia - Monrovia CBLRLRLAXXX
Agricultural And Cooperative Develoment Bank - Monrovia AGRCLRL1XXX
Accessbank Liberia - Monrovia ACLILRLMXXX
Gn Bank Liberia Limited 00231 Monrovia GNERLRLMXXX
Global Bank Liberia Limited (Member Bankphb Group) 10 Monrovia PHBXLRLMXXX
Bank Name Postal Code City Swift